Úvod Výuka Vyučované předměty Technology of Construction

Technology of Construction (122TCD)

Goal: To learn students to know construction processes and their design and to create a model of the building process of a project for planning and management of its implementation

1. Introduction to construction technology, construction processes, basic terminology.
2. Earthworks, excavation of rock classes, types of excavation, shoring, compaction, drainage.
3. Production and transport of concrete mixture. Formwork and traditional system, placement of reinforcement, storage and compaction of fresh concrete, curing of fresh concrete.
4. Construction Equipment (equipment for mining, transportation and compaction of rocks, concrete transport equipment, lifting equipment, tower and mobile cranes, trucks, elevators, hoists, trays, tools for finishing work).
6. Excursion to construction site.
7. Finishing works in building industry. Plasters, facings, paintings, soffits, wallpapers floors.
8. Facades, fronts. Internal installations, sewerage, water, gas, electricity mains.
9. Health and safety at work. Environmental protection during construction. Quality requirements for construction processes.
10. Implementation of buildings and projects. Main concepts and terms. Technological, spatial and time analysis of the building process,
11. Technological stages and their characteristics for homogenous and non homogenous buildings.Long term and short term construction planning and scheduling. Construction technology design.
12. Flow method in building industry, use of construction technology network analysis for project management. Use of computers in project planning and management.
13. Principles of design of site facilities and equipment

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