K 122
  Project planning and implementation  
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Chapter 1:
Introduction to Technology of Structures
Chapter 2:
Production process of facility and project
Chapter 3:
 Construction technology of buildings
Chapter 4:
Modelling of building production
Chapter 5:
 Building site outfit 
Chapter 6:
 Principles of flow building theory
Chapter 7:
Modelling of the building process by network diagrams
Chapter 8:
  Use of computers for modelling of implementation of a project
Chapter 9:
Quality assurance of a project
Chapter 10:
 Safety-at-work and health protection in building production
Chapter 11:
 Environmental protection on building site
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prof. Ing. Čeněk Jarský, DrSc. - head of the team of authors, Department of Technology of Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague,
prof. Ing. František Musil, CSc., Ing. Josef Ladra, doc. Ing. Pavel Svoboda, CSc., Ing. Tomáš Pokorný, Ph.D., Ing. Miloslava Popenková, CSc., Ing. Václav Pospíchal, Ph.D., Ing. Mária Párová, Ph.D., Ing. Lubomír Krov